A Bit About ME

I'm Aisling, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and have a read! I am a soul searcher, dreamer and slightly obsessed with living the happiest life I can. I am on this life's journey and just like you I have my struggles.This is a little sacred space where I hope to share some of my experiences and learnings as openly as I can!  Take with you what you love & leave behind anything that you don't. 



I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams, David & together we are stumbling through parenthood with three amazing kids!  We are currently living by the sea just outside Dublin, in Greystones. Breathtakingly beautiful on a sunny day, it almost makes the wet days bearable. We have three children who insist on making everyday interesting, Alannah, Amelia & Nathan. We love the outdoor life, vegan food, yoga, good company and each other... 



You'll find an eclectic mix of stuff I love here. Anything from tips on living a happier, more meaningful life, to vegan food, to life with kids. Becoming a parent has been the most amazing experience but at times I have found it lonely and challenging too. If only real parenting was as easy as we read in the books eh!? I really want to foster happiness, kindness, and a love of life & adventure in them. I created this space, so we could share our journey in choosing joy, chasing the happy stuff & finding adventure again with a family on board. We love connecting with like minded peeps so do pop by and say hello.


Bridal Hairstyling 

Speaking of the happy stuff, I'm a bridal hairstylist and help women feel their most beautiful on their wedding day. If you'd like to work with me please drop me an email to hello@aislinghamill.com and check out my work here. You can follow my bridal work on this instagram page too.

I hope you enjoy your visit, say hello, and come follow the story.


Aisling xx