Autumnal party vibes
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Hello beautiful people! How is Autumn nearly over!!!? I hope you are all set for some Halloween festivities, I'm working on how to make Halloween healthyish....but more on that later!

 So October is a seriously busy month for me, as I was busy having babies right around this time of year...With Amelia and Nathan’s  birthdays a week apart, I decided on a joint party for my two littles this year! it just made sense, and I reckoned I had a better chance  of pulling one good party out of the bag instead of losing steam battling with two so close together. Cause let’s get real here, kids parties are a LOT of work!!! 

In case you hadn't guessed by now, I chose a woodland theme. I just felt it just matched my kids sense of adventure and love of the outdoors! Plus the colours out there in the nature world are so stunning at this time of year!! If you need some inspo I've shared my decor idea below with you guys as well as the menu I served which was vegan and plant based! Definitely surprised more than a few of the guests as I caught the adults devouring even the kids fairy buns BEFORE the homemade pizzas were served! 






Never underestimate the power of a good DIY. People loved these creative balloons and some even suggested they should be a permanent feature. Ok, that may be going too far, but they were super cute. You could incorporate this idea regardless of your theme!

I bought sheer balloons and after a day in the woods collecting leaves (we are super authentic here ;) ), we crushed the leaves, made a funnel by cutting the top of a plastic bottle and inserted the leaves inside the balloons. I then tied string to the balloons and hung them from the ceiling at different heights. 

Woodland Garlands

We painted leaves, sticks and acorns with gold glitter paint. After they dried I wrapped string around them. Simples. 

Mini pumpkins

 Because, let’s face it, they are possibly the cutest ever. 

Cake topper

I made this using some twigs, string and some burlap I cut into small triangles. Using a black marker I write their initials and then glued the burlap triangles to the string. Finally, I wrapped the string around the twigs. Tip: wrap a small amount of foil around the end of the twig going into your cake to avoid woody cake, not sure how well that would go down...



Homemade pizza 

Caramel & berry cake 

Rocky roads

Fairy buns 


Homemade slaw 

Tomato & Cucumber salad


So, I tried to create a plant based menu that was low on processed sugar. Overall, I suceeeded although the fairy buns did have organic brown caster sugar. I’m working on writing up all the recipes. I hope you enjoy and if you try them tag @thehamilladventure on insta, I’d love to see your creations! 


Aisling xx