Quick Dip Anyone??
swimrise 2.jpg

People ask me in shock, “how do you do it???” or better, "Why do you do it?" The answer goes a little something like this....

I suffer from hangovers. Not quite the hangover I partied my little booty into, of years gone by. But every bit as serious....in fact it’s worse cause you gotta parent through it......they call it sleep deprivation. 

Being sandwiched between my two little people on one half of the bed is tough!!! Amelia’s has started ‘sneaking’ in REALLY quietly, until it’s too late and I’m afraid to move for fear of waking the other munchkin. Yeah, kids are clever like that!!!! They find out your weakness, zone in and attack.....meaning no sleep for mama, and that’s worse than any gin hangover I’ve got myself into, plus let's be honest, wayyyy less fun!

So, what do I do? Well, honestly it depends, but today, I woke up with a serious grizzly head on me, fed up, angry, frustrated, even annoyed that my husband got the whole other half of the bed to himself - I mean, what bliss!!!!....yeah, my day wasn’t looking too hot. 

I knew I had a choice, I could stay in the slump I woke up in...or I could do something that could wash away the heaviness.....as a dip in the ocean on a ‘fresh’ November day in Ireland at 7am literally shocks the life back into you. 

I feel cold...yes! I feel crazy...yes! But wowzers do I feel ALIVE!! I can’t help but laugh and smile if not for the pure craziness of it!!! The wild woman contained within the realms of motherhood gets to play if only for a minute. I’m not exaggerating here, I’m literally in and out in like 60 seconds. 

But above all, in the ocean I feel free. FREEDOM from my own thoughts, my responsibilities and self inflicted restraints.

Plus, David and I always have a moment, just a flicker, when it’s just us. down by the waters edge. Bliss. 

Sunbeams kiss our skin. The sunrise brings a little bit of magic and the kids love it!

Then, I dry myself off, dancing up and down on the spot, skin tingly as f#@k, whispering extremities under my breath to avoid the 3 year old repeating (ye, she’s awesome like that) & I get on with the business of parenting, kinda ready for any tantrums & challenges they’ve got ready for me! Cause that little nugget of joy, of freedom powers me through 💛

If you visit Greystones, it's likely you'll see crazies like us, braving the Irish Sea at any time of the day and year. The Happy Pear guys started 'swimrise', where year round a tribe of happy nutters meet at sunrise down by the cove, sipping on herbal teas & having the craic. It's such an awesome community vibe and people travel from all over to join in the fun! Hope to see you there sometime!!


Aisling xx