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The I do's of Bridal Hair

beautyRachel Delap
The I do's of Bridal Hair

It's no secret that 'the dress' is what everyone waits with bated breath to see as the bride enters the room! It's such a spectacular moment!!! One I never tire of. Everyone's eyes are on you (don't freak out!!) & if you're feeling a million dollars it shows. Your hair is a massive contributor to this & should make you feel utterly fabulous and ooze confidence. And ladies, as we all know great hair does both!! It has a massive impact in not only how you look but how you feel. Take your time planning your perfect do' it's worth the investment. Here's a few tips to help make sure you get it just right for your big day...


Be YOUR most gorgeous 

You want to feel like the most gorgeous version of yourself on your wedding day! I mention 'yourself' here, as I regularly have the chats with brides as to why they have chosen a style they would never consider wearing at any other time. Ladies, the rules no longer apply! It's completely acceptable to ooze sleek sophistication like Poppy Delevingne or keep it uber relaxed like boho chick, Bar Rafaeli on your wedding day. The point is, you get to choose.


Updo or Downdo

In the age of Pinterest & Instagram, there is no shortage of beautiful inspiration for your hair! But, I urge you, bring it back to yourself. I personally feel quite exposed with my hair up and enjoy the comfort my hair provides me around my face. If your like me, does this mean an upstyle is out of the question? In short no! But you might think about keeping the overall updo soft with some face framing waves to soften the look.

Equally if your choosing a down style, think about your hair. If your hair never holds a curl you need to be realistic as it's unlikely that even the best hairstylist can completely change this fact, although it's worth exploring if that's how you see yourself on your wedding day. If your heart is set on a down style, I generally will recommend clip in extensions that match your own length, to add bulk and volume to your down do'. This will also add texture & grip, both which help tons keeping those waves waving all night long. 

Adjust your mane

Be open to making some changes to your hair if you've your heart set on a certain style. Talk it through with your stylist at your trial and see what you feel comfortable with. Even subtle highlights can add so much interest, depth and texture. Colour has come a long way & brassy blondes are a thing of the past. I highly recommend finding an amazing colourist and holding onto them with both hands!! Oh and STOP growing your hair! Seriously.. The best hair type to work with is mid length, layered and softly feathered around the face. You do not need hair down to your waist for most hairstyles. And if you do, extensions are so much less painless!

What's your Vibe? 

What's your vibe? Not your weddings, yours! There's no hard and fast rules anymore and if it makes you feel fabulous then a good hairstylist can tweak it to suit your dress and your face. 


Mirror, mirror....

Okay so your not going to be looking in a mirror all day....BUT you will have photographic evidence for years to come! So how you look and feel in the mirror is worth dwelling on. Brides send me an array of stunning updos of all variations...all of the back of the hair! Now don't get me wrong the back is important but damn girl,  it's how it's sitting at the front that's going to make you feel fabulous! Take time thinking about this. Dwell on this!! Your photographs will remind you forever more.

Now get back to scrolling on Pinterest and find that perfect do'.


Aisling xx

I’m Rachel Delap, a freelance designer living with the wonderful Alex, and our daughter Ember, in Dublin City.

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