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The Look Book

beautyRachel Delap
The Look Book

Hey everyone, so after a busy few months of hair trials, I decided it would be a good time to share some current bridal hair trends. Plus I won't lie, all of these are styles I personally love too!! 

First up, the motto's gotta be, 'You don't have to be pretty like can be pretty like you!!!' My advice is to use inspiration pictures for just that, inspiration & then adjust it to your hair, your face & your vibe. That said, more & more brides are opting for relaxed, effortless looking beautiful hair with lots and lots of clip in extensions. It's all about simple, luscious locks and I've compiled some of my favourite styles to help narrow your search down! If you're still hungry for more, check my Pinterest. Happy viewing...xx



Soft bouncy waves or smooth & silky.. This is one of my most requested bridal styles. It's the perfect marriage of romance & glamour with a sprinkling of sexy! 

Hollywood Waves

Iconic, sophisticated, classic but still cool. These waves are seriously making a mark on the bridal hair scene. Perfect for the girl who loves to wear her hair down & curled but wants to feel a bit different on her wedding day.


Boho chic and uber pretty. Braids are definitely a go-to accessory. They work best on highlighted hair but there's a braid out there for everyone..I swear! If your not feeling brave enough, try incorporating a braid into an up-style or even a half up.


This style get's so much attention! Every. Single. Damn. Time. It's taking the long gone boring pony to new heights & is effortlessly glam. If it's good enough for Olivia Palmero....


The cool girl updo. This style suits blondes & highlighted hair the most as tonal hair shows off this style to the max! Darker haired chicks can rock this too, just go a bit easier on the backcombing! I love when it's not too fussy at the back. A bun or french twist works.... less is always more with this style.


Soft, sweeping hair is never going to date. The modern take on this is not to make the style too fussy! There are so many variations to this look, but soft volume & short face- framing layers get me every time.

I’m Rachel Delap, a freelance designer living with the wonderful Alex, and our daughter Ember, in Dublin City.

I’m aiming to bring you a good eye, and a beautiful solution to your creative problem.