DIY Balloon Wall Art

So, I had this idea in my head of creating a paint splatter on the wall. I wanted fun, I wanted colour and I wanted texture. So here's what I did! 

What you need

20+ high quality latex balloons in the colour and designs off your choice.  

Sticky tape 

Crepe paper decorations or here's a link to DIY.

What I did 

Basically, I blew the balloons up to different sizes. Correction, David blew up the balloons, I literally struggle to do one! I then started sticking the balloons to the wall using sellotape. Seriously, this is so simple and effective, it does NOT warrant an arts degree! I got the basic shape going, stood back and took photographs as I went, to help me see where I was going. 

I then added in the crepe paper decorations I made two years ago for Amelia's christening. They are so much fun and add a gorgeous texture to the mix! I then began layering up balloons, adding smaller ones on top of others to really create that 3d finish.  

It's still fully intact two days later. It got so many wows on the day! I think it's fair to say I'll miss it when it deflates.....

If you'd like to read more about Nathan's christening day click here

Much love,

Aisling xxx