Zara kids

With three kids to dress, I dread going shopping. For Nathan's christening I put it off until the week of the event (mad, I know). Between getting styles that suit, styles they like and styles that fit it can be a bit of a chore! Thankfully my last trip to Zara was a breeze, well who am I kidding, I was wrecked after and definitely needed the kids to kip on the way home, which they did...yay! But honestly, it was easier than I expected.

So, the trick is to go early morning mid week. It was empty, so Amelia happily pottered and tried on half the shop simultaneously. If you saw my instastory you'd have seen her accessorising her outfit to perfection! Her speciality is putting shoes on the wrong feet (a personal favourite habit of hers). And, even though I was embarrassed about her stripping off in the middle of the shop, the staff didn't blink an eye. Win!

I find it hard to guess my kids size and let's face it every shop IS slightly different. Plus they just keep on growing, how inconsiderate of them!! So, I hit the changing room with the two of them. If you're a mother, you could possibly be screaming, "noooo!" at your screen right now!! I must've been mad but I couldn't face getting home and getting it wrong. The girl who was working was so helpful, getting me sizes and giving me a second opinion. And I left with the most gorgeous outfits for all of them. Here's what I bought for Alannah (11), Amelia (2) and Nathan (8months). 

Happy shopping,

Aisling xxx


What They Wore

Nathan wore a linen white shirt, with a cool little pair of shorts with braces. I'm pretty sure his Daddy has the same shirt. Extra cuteness points!


Amelia wore a red jumpsuit with frilled sleeves. Super cute!! She insisted on accessorising it with a raffia bag. I've linked a similar one below. 


Alannah wore a cute little tee, with a sequined pocket detail that I adored! I matched it with a fun floral print skirt. Perfect tween outfit, she felt amazing in it!