Zara - rock that sale

Ok, so I love Zara. For like, the whole family it just fits our style. Yesterday, I went back to exchange a dress I bought Amelia and I walked into a clothes frenzy! The Zara sale is on, and damn, do they throw a good sale! 

I couldn't face the women's section with the kids, so headed down to the kids area. Which is much cooler, quieter and easier to navigate even mid sale. Both Amelia and Nathan got some gorgeous stuff!! I've linked them in below (or similar if they are no longer available online). As for mama, well I opted to online shop instead last night, from the comfort of my bed. Sooooo much more enjoyable. But, if you can face it, there's sooo much more in shop than online. Here's my fav's!! 

Aisling xx

P.S. All the clothes I recently bought for Nathan's christening are also on sale. You can check them out here.



Nathan got his first pair of dungarees and yes people, I went for white! Navy is also available & more practical but well, they were just too damn cute to leave! These jeans are so sooo soft, I've actually never put jeans on him before as his skin is quite sensitive but these are just too cool! 



I'm a sucker for cute jeans, can we get any cuter than a pineapple print? I love how toddler bums look in denims, especially when they hang a bit loose! I am always buying white tee's, they are sooo impractical but my fav on her (scrap that, on all of us!). Oh, and I just couldn't resist the cute white parka with tan zip detail. So adorable!!



So, I'm sure you've figured out I'm loving denim & white right now, I'm all about white washed mom jeans. If they've a few rips, even better!! Also loving crisp white oversized tee's (perfect sale buy as it doesn't matter if you need to buy a bigger size). I am tieing my tee's into a knot where my mid/ high rise jeans stop. Classic, cool & comfy!