Ziplining in Tibradden Woods

Ziplining in Tibradden Woods

An adults only adventure day was long overdue!! Like, I kinda forgot how much fun we had when it was just 'us', ya know? Granted we were surrounded by kids, but hey...none of them were ours on this occasion!!

So, I got David vouchers for zipit, a high wire adventure park in the Tibradden woods in the Dublin mountains. They only had a 9.30am slot, but we sucked it up and got there only 15 minutes late!!! 15 minutes, people; a miracle when you have to offload three kids!! Breastfeed one, feed three, pack for all eventualities ie rain, sun & poo explosions and actually dress yourself in the process. I had great plans to tan myself and do my hair for my day out... eh, clearly I was getting ahead of myself. Obviously, I threw my hair into a mom bun and lashed a bit of foundation and mascara on, so I didn’t scare the kids, ya know the ones that that weren't actually mine!

Anyway......back to zipit. It was great craic! Like, we laughed so much. I felt like a kid again, as in 20 something and David got to exercise his manly leadership by telling me how to approach every obstacle...'clip it here..don't look down...take my hand..actually grab that rope!!"

We completed three of the courses this time, the white, blue and the red. The red almost killed us, slight exaggeration but my poor heart and arms may never be the same. Like, I fully believed I could die, despite the fact I'd like three harness attachments. But when your hundreds of feet in the air, logic goes out the window. Note: David thinks it was 60 foot high, apparently so do zipit, I told them both to go back to school. But seriously, the red course is not for the faint hearted!

The white and blue course are soooo much fun, to be honest I just wanted to zipline around the forest and forgo the obstacles. After a while, I did just that and lashed my zipline harness on most of the ropes. Got away with it too. 

The highlights were attempting tree pose on a zip line, just being us and laughing lots!!!


Go as couple. Don't tell the kids cause they'll hate you!! It's like a team bonding day, you're guaranteed to feel closer by the end of it! As David said, 'it reminds me of the old us'. Then corrected himself, 'which is still us'.

Go with the kids! The ones that are over 7. They will LOVE it!!

Bring jumpers, basic protective gloves (unless you want to wear theirs ugh!) and food, bring lots of food. It's hungry work! You can find out more here.

Have fun,

Love Tarzan & Jane xx

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