Choosing Happiness

Beautiful people,  one thing I've discovered is we all want to be happy and feel more connected to ourselves and our world. We also all have days or sometimes prolonged periods of time when are feeling a bit meh! When life, people or situations get in on us. Or we let them as I've learnt. I have had periods of time in my life when I have been in a rut, when I am sad or angry and I bitch and moan about it. But the truth is, is just makes me sadder. So what do I do now when the going get's tough? Well, I choose happy. 

Now, if you're rolling your eyes at me here, bear with me. You might be asking, 'but how can I choose happy when x/y/z is happening?' You might feel you 'should' feel sad/stressed/ burdened because something shitty has happened. But who says how YOU should feel. No one, I say, I get to CHOOSE. So, I choose again. 

Does this mean you should never feel negative? Nope, nor is it realistic!! Think of negativity as a call to action or as feedback for you that something needs your attention. Then it's upto you to make the change. I have days when I'm really good at this and days I really struggle. But, when I actually consistently practice this I am on a different wavelength, one I don't want to fall down off! Why? Because, it just feels so good being joyful!!!!

I recently heard a phrase, 'namaste meets what the fuck!' Say it out loud, because if you're in a place that's not quite zen, it feels particularly good doesn't it?! Sometimes shit happens BUT feeling crappy about something crap....well, it just makes you feel crappier. It doesn't help the situation, in fact it makes problem solving even more challenging. It's hard to see the light from inside the tunnel or from under the duvet. Whereas, if you can get yourself back into a state of joy, happiness and peace...well then the answers will flow. Then solutions and dare I say miracles happen.

Ready, Set, Action

So, this takes practice. Think of it as a new muscle you gotta tone up and start working. You have to catch yourself on the way down the rabbit hole. When a heavy, fear based feeling washes over gotta stop yourself. Be firm with yourself, put your hand up even and say 'stop'. The more you practice 'choosing again', the quicker you'll catch yourself. What next you say? Well, I like to take a deep breath and then decide quickly, 'I choose happy/ be kind / stay calm/ be loving. Then I act, as in I try do something that reinforces the desired emotion. We all live in a world of time constraints but even taking two minutes to listen to a song you love, have a little dance, get a breath of fresh air, time in nature, recall happy memories, do a class you love or have a hug. There's always time for a hug and if there's no one suitable for hugging, hug yourself lol! 


Set your tone

I believe that doing something that sets the tone for your day is transformative. Doing something that makes you feel happy first thing is sooo powerful and has a ripple effect into your day. The days I do this are my happiest. For me, getting up early once I wake, drinking half a litre of lemon water, having a yummy smoothie, writing a gratitude list out, doing even a ten minute yoga session (yep, even with the kids crawling on me!) and if I can spending time outdoors works for me. Mix it up, have fun with it, see what's your thing. Then do lot's of it! 

Love Buzz

Telling my kids and husband how much I love them creates the most beautiful love buzz. They give so much love back to me in return. It's addictive, I am constantly telling them and they tell me and ya know what, I will never get tired of hearing those three little words. Cuddles melt away sadness and bring you right into this moment. This is where you want to be, right here right now....... And, hey beautiful don't forget about you!! Tell yourself that you are love, that you are lovable. This might make you feel uncomfortable at first but it is sooooo powerful. 

This too will pass

Whether it's the almighty tantrum your toddler is having or a family crisis this too shall pass. Right now it sucks. Yes. But by getting back to a happy state it's closer to being history. This is namaste meets what the fuck in motion.

Fake it till you make it

I was forever tired since having my two babies. I had, 'I am so tired', on repeat. And guess what, everyday I was tired. So, I started upon waking saying, 'I am energised', 'I am rested'. Yep, I probably did some eye rolling of my own but after a few minutes of my new mantra I actually started to feel more energised! Work this into whatever your negative 'I am' statements are. Write them out and bring them into your consciousness. Then flip them, for example: I am happy, I am good enough, I am worthy, I am special, I am really good at coming up with solutions, I am love. I personally like to finish on 'I am love' as I believe love is the most powerful reminder of all!! 

Do you

Find what makes you happy. Surround yourself with happy people, people who vibe with you.

Reach Out

For more help, on this I can highly recommend Georgina Durcan, a beautiful soul. She is an intuitive life & soul coach available for one on one skype sessions helping you to get in touch with your truth, your purpose. I have recently completed a 5 day challenge on finding the true me with Georgina's loving guidance. I am also delighted to be part of the soul side up community she has created on Facebook.

Find your tribe, love them hard.

Love Aisling xxx