Banana Oat Bread

Hello beautiful people!!

I'd been searching for a tasty, easy gluten free bread that I can whip up in a hurry! After playing around with a couple of recipes, this is my fav. It's seriously good. Just check out Amelia, I asked her to hold the last batch for a pic. The kid just started noming straight into it!!! 

For me, this is on the sweeter side of bread, but not a dessert. It's perfect layered with almond butter and a drop of agave syrup or honey on top. Add in a cup of chai tea and you're onto a winner......

Allergy advice: Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free, egg free & can be adjusted to be nut free. 


380g Oats or Gluten free Oats

4 very ripe bananas (they should have brown spots)

100g Coconut Yogurt

1 TBSP of Maple Syrup plus a drizzle on top if you're bold like me!

Chia Seed Egg (this has literally changed my life! Plant based egg alternative- ! 1 TBSP chia seeds with 3 TBSP water left sit to form a gel like consistency for 20 minutes)

2 TBSP of Coconut Oil

1 TSP Baking powder

Pinch of salt


  • Preheat Oven to 180F degrees
  • Grease and line a 1lb bread baking tin
  • In a food processor combine 3/4 oats, 3 bananas and all the other ingredients 
  • Blitz until the batter is thick and smooth
  • Add in your remaining oats and mix it all together
  • Spoon into your lined bread tin. Press the batter down into the tin
  • Slice your remaining banana on top and press lightly into the bread. I personally love to add some pecans or walnuts here and drizzle with maple syrup. Although this is just for that extra bit of yummy and totally optional
  • Bake for 50 minutes
  • Remove and allow to cool fully before cutting. Hard, I know
  • Try make it last more than a day!!!!


Hope you love it as much as we do!

Love and happy yummy vibes,

Aisling xx