the bridal masterclass

Eeeeeek! Firstly thank you so much for your interest and for taking the time to read about my bridal masterclass! I am so excited that I've finally organised this! I'm completely obsessed with beautiful, soft hair and I am so excited to share my love of styling with you.

The masterclass I've designed, is aimed at the stylist who is looking to work on their styling skillset, bounce ideas off other creatives and upskill. In the age of pinterest, it's more important than ever to keep upto date with new styles and techniques. As a stylist who had a flair for styling, I found it very challenging to upskill, plus there's always the one stylist who gets ALL the upstyles in the salon, meaning most stylists don't even get a chance! It took me years of watching videos, obsessing and practicing to get me where I am today. I'm always learning and hungry for new styles and skills, so if you're anything like me you'll just enjoy seeing how other people do things!

When I was salon based, I loved all elements of hairdressing, but I believe it's the finished look, how the hair is styled that determines how a woman feels and what keeps her wanting your number on speedial! 

The Schedule

This is a full day intensive masterclass! It is a small group session to ensure you get the most out of the day. I'm hoping it'll be a day full to the brim of creativity and fun! Lunch and refreshments are included and will give us all a chance to have the chats and make new connections.

I will be showcasing my most requested styles and walking you through how to recreate them. There will be two main genres covered on the day; classic & boho. The photos below will give you a good idea of what you can expect!

I love transforming my brides hair and I will be sharing my tips on how to help your client have her best hair day ever. We will be covering topics such as the importance of colour placement, extensions and the perfect cut to compliment her desired style. Never underestimate the power of the above three!

We will also be going through my tried and tested kit. I'll have my full kit on display and I will be talking you through the tools and products that accompany me to every wedding, that I just cannot be without! I wasted so much money on hot tools and products that just don't give me the results I need. Let me help save you time, money and heartache by showing you what really works!

There will be a practical session at the end of the day (3.30-5) where you will need a model. This is an opportunity for you to try out one or more styles we've covered on the day! At this point I will do a mini session on optimal photo taking and editing. Your photographs are what promotes you to future clients and is a skill you shouldn't underestimate.  I hope all of this ensures you leave the class feeling energised and inspired with new ideas, but also with the confidence to recreate your favourite styles. 

Everyone will leave with a handbook full of tips and a breakdown of the styles covered.  


The Looks


Classic hair is beautiful, the problem is it's often overstyled! I never rely on hairspray and I want to show you, you don't need to either! I'll be sharing tips for keeping the overall look really soft, which I feel is really key to your client feeling her best!

  • The Hollywood wave is without a doubt one of the most popular styles right now. Learn how to recreate this iconic look! 
  • The classic soft low updo is always a bridal winner. I will be focusing in on the importance of getting a really good basic shape that lends itself to so many styles! 
  • Bouncy, full polished waves. Learn how to give the perfect finish to those waves and ensure the hair looks soft and touchable. 
  • I will be showing a beautiful half up that compliments this glamorous style.


Relaxed waves, braids and twists. This look is all about textures! Boho vibes are going nowhere and summer bridal parties are bound to be asking for these styles! 

  • Beachy waves, braids & twists. Expect all of the above! 
  • Soft updo that ticks the box for undone hair.
  • Tousled, textured hair is so on trend. But can often look over styled and messy. Learn how to create soft definition and not 'overdo' your updo.
  • We will finish this session with the ever cool pony.

What you need to bring

  • A model from 330-5. I highly recommend you choose someone with mid-length, highlighted, layered hair.
  • Flat iron, wand, pin tail, wide toothed comb, paddle brush, hairdryer, grips and a round brush. If you want to practice using clip in extensions feel free to bring these with you as well as your scissors. Product and bobby pins will be supplied.
  • Your happy self!

The Details

The bridal masterclass will be held in the beautiful Maven Hair Studio in Dublin.


March 4th 10am-5pm

April 8th 10am-5pm

April 15th 10am-5pm

Please email me through the hair contact enquiry form here for pricing and availability. Please note that to be fair to all, places are only confirmed after a deposit has been received.